psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis

Both psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis are related… One hundred and eighty patients with psoriasis have been studied in the Neapolitan area to find the prevalence of arthritis in psoriasis. Wright and Moll’s criteria for the diagnosis of arthritis were applied. Of 180 psoriatic patients, 62 exhibited arthritis (34.4% of total cases) According to Moll and Wright’s five broad clinical forms of arthritis, the following distribution was found: poly-articular in 38.7% of arthritic patients, mono-oligoarticular in 16.1%, distal interphalangeal in 7.5%, deforming or mutilans in 2.3% and spondylitic and/or sacro-iliitic in 20.9%. In 14.5% of arthritic patients an overlap of the spondylitic form and peripheral involvement was also found.

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